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Sermons and lectures on sermon audio

Here is a list of some of my sermons and lectures on sermon audio.

Ceremonial, Moral, Judicial?

Here is a good read by my friend Dr. Rick Daniels. You can read it here.

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace (2)

Part 1 can be read here. The Biblical Data which Advocate the Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace   Introduction: Time does not permit me to do justice to all the biblical data on this issue. I have chosen to limit this section to two types of texts: 1. First of all, we will look at one of the most (if not the most) important texts which speaks about  [ Read More ]

Thoughts on the new Calvinism

Here is a very helpful lecture on new Calvinism by Pastor Jeremy Walker.

Why another church in Palmdale?

Pastor Jim Butler of Chilliwack, BC, Canada, will be answering that question at our Friday night meeting this week. We meet at 7:30pm at 349 Sunrise Terrace, Palmdale. Call 273-0734 for more info.

The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace (1)

In the next several days I will be posting the gist of a message I preached at the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America’s General Assembly last April. You can listen to the message here or read on. The Lord’s Supper as Means of Grace: More than a Memory  I.                   Introduction Greetings: I want to thank the ARBCA General Assembly Planning Committee for entrusting me with this sacred stewardship. I have  [ Read More ]

hymn-sing this Lord’s Day (7/24), 6pm

You are invited to a hymn-sing at our house this Lord’s Day, July 24, 2011. Call 273-0734 for details.

no hymn-sing this Lord’s Day, June 17, 2011

We will be out of town.

Interview of Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe is a Reformed Baptist pastor in Zambia. I had the privilege of being in his home and meeting his family and some from his church. D. A Carson interviews him here.

GRBF meeting tomorrow night, July 15, 2011

We will meet at our place at 7:30pm. We will continue our study in the centrality of Christ in all of Scritpure. If Christ takes center stage in the Bible, then all of our interpretations and proclamations of the Bible should be Christ-centered. In fact, our church should be the same. Hope to see you there. Call me for info. – 661-273-0734.

GRBC morning worship

GRBC will be meeting at the Ramada Inn, Palmdale Blvd. ...

sermons from Lord's

  morning sermon: Walking on Water then addressing the Crowd (John ...

Recent sermons: What

  What is a planted church? Part 1   What is a planted ...

public worship on Oc

The Holiday Inn, in which we normally meet, informed us ...

The Father loves the

You can listen to the sermon here.


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