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GRBF’s first Lord’s Day services

Oct - 17 - 2011
Richard Barcellos

We prayed, sang, read, and preached the Bible. After morning worship, we ate lunch and discussed the sermon. The pm service was devoted to learning how to sing hymns and psalmsĀ better. We had 30 (15 adults) in the am and 37 (20 adults) in the pm.

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  1. Max Doner says:

    Rich – That is a solid group to start with! We have been praying for God to raise up a church there, and will continue to do so. Praise the Lord for a good seed planted; may it grow into a flourishing body of Christ!

  2. Bob Brown says:

    I am glad to hear of the Lord’s blessings on the work there.

  3. Keith Maddy says:

    Glad in the Lord for you. Praying here at HBC Owensboro.

  4. Mark Sellers says:

    Praise the Lord! May He glorify Himself as you work for Him.

  5. Ken Callan says:

    It was our pleasure to pray for you here at Warners Bay Baptist Reformed Church (Australia) in our morning service. It is encouraging to read your report.

    • Linda Scholtens says:

      Wonderful…answered prayer! Say hi to Nan and the rest of the family. We really miss you guys, but glad it’s going so well!
      Love In Him
      The Scholtens

  6. Mark Chanski says:

    Great news from SoCal. May the Lord fan this little flame into a great bonfire.

  7. George Seevers says:


    When I was pastoring, for a time we were meeting in our home. Before sitting together by families for the sermon, we grouped the congregation according to soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The four sections were organized in a square, just like a Sacred Harp hymn sing, with each section facing the middle of the room. Using this arrangement, I taught the congregation to sing the Psalms in four-part harmony.

  8. George Seevers says:


    Let me offer this clarification: we arranged ourselves for parts singing only during the evening service. And we did not go over parts. We had some good parts-readers in each section, and we just sang the Psalms through, out of the Trinity Hymnal, just like you would normally do. However, grouped in sections, the timid singers had a good parts reader to “sing in their ear” so to speak.

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