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This book by Pascal Denault is a welcome addition to the literature on an issue that has vexed many for too long. It is clear that the seventeenth-century Particular Baptists’ formulation of covenant theology in the Second London Confession of Faith – 1677/89 (cf. 2nd LCF 7.3, for example) was a modified version of the one contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith. But why the different formulation? Denault’s work  [ Read More ]

The Act of Creation and the Three Persons of the Godhead

We will look at two types of texts in this section. First, there are texts that attribute creation to the three Persons of the Godhead. Second, there are texts that attribute plurality to the Godhead at creation.   Texts that attribute creation to the three Persons of the Godhead   Hebrews 1:1-2 distinguishes between God (i.e., the Father) and His Son and attributes creation to God through His Son.    [ Read More ]

GRBC February 2013 schedule

February 3, morning worship only at The Palmdale Hotel, 9:30 am. February 10, morning worship at The Palmdale Hotel, 9:30 am, meal at the Barcellos’ immediately following. February 10, evening worship at the Barcellos’, 5:45 pm. February 17, morning worship at The Palmdale Hotel, 9:30 am. February 17, evening worship at the Barcellos’, 5:45 pm. February 24, morning worship at The Palmdale Hotel, 9:30 am. Pastor Jeff Massey preaching. February 24, evening GRBC  [ Read More ]

Jesus Christ, God’s remedy for Adam’s failure

Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God become man, is God’s remedy for Adam’s failure. Jesus Christ takes His seed where Adam failed to take his. Salvation in Christ is better than creation in the image of God and citizenship in the garden of Eden. God does not place believers in Christ back at the starting line in the same position in which Adam was created. He grants irrevocable, eternal  [ Read More ]

Some thoughts on the corporate attitude or climate during the Lord’s Supper

If the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace through which the Holy Spirit brings to the souls of believers the benefits of Christ’s body and blood and, as a result, souls are nourished, then we ought to think seriously about the corporate attitude or climate during the Supper.   Should the Supper be a celebration? Should there be joy in our hearts while partaking? Should the Supper be like  [ Read More ]

Stephen G. Dempster: Jesus as new Adam and new Israel

…when Jesus begins his ministry, he as the new Adam and the new Israel, succeeds where the old Adam and the old Israel failed (Matt. 4:1-11). Hence he recapitulates in his life the history of Adam and Israel.[1] [1] Dempster, Dominion and dynasty, 232-33.

more on prayer as a means of grace

Romans 15:30-31   Consider Romans 15:30-31.   30 Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me, 31 that I may be rescued from those who are disobedient in Judea, and that my service for Jerusalem may prove acceptable to the saints   Paul’s preservation and acceptable service are seen  [ Read More ]

Prayer, a means of grace

Philippians 1:9-11 9 And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, 10 so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ; 11 having been filled with the fruit of righteousness which comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.   It is obvious  [ Read More ]

a God we can use…?

David F. Wells On Christianity And Culture We have turned to a God that we can use rather than to a God we must obey; and we have turned to a God who will fulfill our needs rather than to a God before whom we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us, for our satisfaction- not because we have learned to think of him in  [ Read More ]

Lord’s Day, January 20th and new time for evening worship

Pastor Jeff Massey of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Ontario, CA, will be preaching on January 20th at our morning worship service. The meeting starts at 9:30am at The Palmdale Hotel, 300 W. Palmdale Blvd. We will not have an evening worship service on that day or on January 27th. On the evening of January 27th, there will be a meeting for worship of the Southern California Association of Reformed Baptist  [ Read More ]

GRBC morning worship

GRBC will be meeting at the Ramada Inn, Palmdale Blvd. ...

sermons from Lord's

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public worship on Oc

The Holiday Inn, in which we normally meet, informed us ...

The Father loves the

You can listen to the sermon here.


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