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Grace Reformed Baptist Church is a group of believers in Christ who started a new church in the growing city of Palmdale. There are about 475,000 people in the Antelope Valley and it is projected to be 1,000,000 by 2020. In light of this, there is a growing need for churches to provide public worship and get the gospel out to those who do not believe in Christ. We want to be one of those churches.

Our Core Values:

Faithfulness to the Word of God

Love for Christ

Simplicity and joy in public worship

Delight in God’s people

Commitment to our families

Loving concern for the souls of men

Our name:

Grace – Grace refers to the numberless tokens of God’s kindness freely, profusely, and sovereignly poured-out upon believing sinners for Christ’s sake. We are a group of sinners saved by grace who want others to hear the gospel of grace and know the love of Christ and worship God in spirit and in truth.

Reformed Baptist – This phrase refers 1) to our theological conviction that the Protestant reformers got the gospel right, along with many other things, and 2) to our theological conviction that water baptism is reserved for those who profess faith in Christ and that each local church is to be self-governed under the authority of the Word of God and carried out by its ordained elders. Our doctrinal statement is The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith .

Church – This refers to the fact that we are a local body of believers in Christ, baptized upon the profession of our faith, gathering each Lord’s Day for public worship – the Word of God preached and read, prayer, singing, sacraments, and discipline, commissioned by Christ to preach the gospel to our community and to the nations of the earth.

GRBC morning worship

GRBC will be meeting at the Ramada Inn, Palmdale Blvd. ...

sermons from Lord's

  morning sermon: Walking on Water then addressing the Crowd (John ...

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public worship on Oc

The Holiday Inn, in which we normally meet, informed us ...

The Father loves the

You can listen to the sermon here.


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