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Trueman on the importance of differences

Dr. Trueman on the importance of differences. Sound kind of wrong-headed? Listen here. It’s only three minutes or so.

review of Carl Trueman’s newest book on John Owen

You can read it here.

Trueman on character in the ministry

Trueman has a good piece reminding me of what I need to be as a minister of the gospel. Pray for me!   PS: Make sure to watch the contrasting videos at the bottom of Trueman’s piece.

Confessions in a Time of Instant Gratification, that Trueman guy again

Good stuff, once again, by Dr. Trueman!

Carl Trueman on parachurch and accountability

Here is a really good piece by Dr. Trueman on parachurch and accountability. It is really worth the read and consideration. We can, do, and should learn from various sources. However, those sources ought to welcome accountability. Read it here.

Trueman on Luther and the theology of the cross – part II

“Yet it is also a word of judgment because it reminds us that our temptation to be preoccupied with those that our celebrity-aesthetic society finds lovely – the young, the artistic, the talented, the famous, the trendy, the brash, the bold, the beautiful, the cool, the self-promoting and the hip – does not reflect the priorities of the God of the cross. He is more likely to build his church  [ Read More ]

Here is an audio interview with Carl Trueman on the recent issues involving the Elephant Room and The Gospel Coalition. I really appreciate how he brings the issues to practical bearing for churches and individuals. Here is no theoretic theologian. Carl is a churchly theolgian and understands how these things impact ordinary pastors and their people.

WARNING: this post is jestly earnest. Before you read any of my comments below, I highly (Did I say highly?) recommend you read this piece by CRT. If you did not read Trueman’s piece yet, stop now and either read it then come back here or get off my blog (and if you get sick, don’t call me for a visit!). There are plenty of other blogs for you to  [ Read More ]

Carl Trueman video on various things related to the church

Watch it here.

Did I say Trueman again?

The good doc Carl has done it yet again. Though this may be a bit technical for some, it is a brilliant analysis of an important issue РNicene Christianity Рand its implications for contemporary ecumenism. Here it is. Enjoy and be educated.

GRBC morning worship

GRBC will be meeting at the Ramada Inn, Palmdale Blvd. ...

sermons from Lord's

  morning sermon: Walking on Water then addressing the Crowd (John ...

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public worship on Oc

The Holiday Inn, in which we normally meet, informed us ...

The Father loves the

You can listen to the sermon here.


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