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“…a most disastrous fantasy” – C. S. Lewis on divine impassibility

The mistake is easily made because we (correctly) deny that God has passions; and with us a love that is not passionate means a love that is something less. But the reason why God has no passions is that passions imply passivity and intermission. The passion of love is something that happens to us, as ‘getting wet’ happens to a body: and God is exempt from that ‘passion’ in the same way that water  [ Read More ]

Paul Helm on Impassibility

Here is a piece on this difficult subject that I found very good. Paul Helm is a well-known theologian who has written many books related to the doctrine of God. You can read the whole thing here. Here is his spot-on conclusion.   Conclusion Perhaps we need a new word, or a new family of words, to express the constancy and fullness of God’s emotional life, his feelings.[4] But perhaps  [ Read More ]

Audio of DeYoung on Impassibility

If reading the 15 page document is a bit much, you can listen to DeYoung on Impassibility here.

God is “without body, parts, or passions.” Passions. What does this mean? Does God have affections? What about emotions? Can it be said of God that He feels our pain? Of the things I have read on this issue, one of the best is by Kevin DeYoung. You can read it here. Here’s one thing DeYoung said that I really appreciate: “God always acts out of overflow, never out of  [ Read More ]

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The Father loves the

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